BelAmi Online: Riff Dornan

BelAmi Online: Riff Dornan

Riff Dornan came to BelAmi full of confidence and surety in whatever he does, from art, to sport to hanging out with friends, Riff if never someone that you could accuse of being shy.

By his good looks, big dick and easy going nature, the guys were sure right from the beginning that he would fit in well with the rest of the team.

BelAmi Online: Riff Dornan

Luckily for Riff BelAmi already had a few other Hungarians in residence, as the only thing he seems to lack is the ability to speak anything other than Hungarian.

The guys already know what you think of Riff’s hardcore material, so now we get a chance to compare that with how he was when he first arrived.

See more of Riff over at BelAmiOnline.

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