ChaosMen: Kelly Evans

ChaosMen: Kelly Evans

Kelly Evans contacted Bryan through the ChaosMen website, saying he was getting started doing porn, and wanted to shoot with some of the ChaosMen guys.

He has a hot muscle daddy vibe to him, and was super turned on during the photo session. His cock was leaking pre-cum the entire time.

ChaosMen: Kelly Evans

Kelly has been wanting to do porn most of his life, and this solo showed that he was already a pro.

His cock is a bit over 7 inches, and thick and hefty. He gets it hard quickly with a slow stroking technique that really shows it off.

Kelly says he prefers to top, which is a shame given how hot his ass is. But his mature vibe will work great as a Top as he will guide the young pups through their paces. He shoots a giant white and creamy load that he can’t help but taste!

See all of Kelly, including his video, over at ChaosMen.

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