ChaosMen: Lucca Mazzi

ChaosMen: Lucca Mazzi

Lucca Mazzi is a BIG guy. It doesn’t exactly translate on-camera, but this 6-foot, 2-inch dude is a tall drink of water with a fat, cut cock.

Lucca relaxes in a comfortable chair, already fully-nude, rock-hard, and casually stroking his dick as he gives his interview. Lucca reveals that he’s mostly into guys but enjoys watching straight porn because there’s more of a size difference between partners in straight porn.

ChaosMen: Lucca Mazzi

Lucca strokes his dick, then reaches behind his chair to grab the lube. He slicks up his cock and continues to jerk while rubbing all over his chest and stomach with his free hand.

Lucca likes to change up his stroking technique, sometimes using one hand, sometimes stroking backward, sometimes stroking with two hands … He also loves to press and squeeze on his taint while working his dick.

Lucca lifts a leg up onto the arm of the chair and gently probes his hole while stroking faster and faster. He adds some more lubricant and continues to build himself up to climax before shooting a thick load that drips down his shaft and balls.

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