ChaosMen: Solomon Aspen and Adrian Rose – Serviced

ChaosMen: Solomon Aspen and Adrian Rose - Serviced

Aspen is BACK!

Long-time ChaosMen fans will remember Solomon Aspen as one of the early regulars of ChaosMen. He got his start on the site in September of 2011. Back then, he was a bit of a rookie, but he’s gone on to have quite the illustrious career, and ChaosMen was one of the first studios he chose to work with (hence the “Born in Chaos” tattoo).

The guys got big plans to bring back some of the member-favorites, and they’re starting with Solomon Aspen!

ChaosMen: Solomon Aspen and Adrian Rose - Serviced

This time, Solomon is paired up with Adrian Rose for a massage table “Serviced” scene, and this pair did not disappoint.

Solomon makes his way down Adrian’s body, rubbing and massaging deeply into Adrian’s legs and feet. He moves to the head of the table and begins rubbing Adrian’s body from head to ass, “accidentally” putting his package directly in Adrian’s face. Whoops!

Solomon pulls Adrian’s briefs down and begins to massage Adrian’s ass. With Solomon’s cock just inches away from Adrian’s exploring hands, Solomon pulls out his meat and is greeted by Adrian’s firm grasp. Solomon fucks Adrian’s hand as he continues the massage, throwing his head back as the pleasure increases for the both of them.

See more of Solomon and Adrian at ChaosMen.

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