ChaosMen: Zac Snow and Zario Travezz – Edge

ChaosMen: Zac Snow and Zario Travezz - Edge

Zac Snow and Zario Travezz are feeling a little freaky. Zac loves to be dominated, and Zario learned a few new knots watching YouTube videos over the weekend that he’s excited to try out.

We find Zac ready and waiting in a chair as Zario walks in with some rope. Zario secures Zac’s hands behind his back, then massages Zac’s chest and package through Zac’s jockstrap. Just as Zac is getting comfortable, Zario steps away and grabs a bandana to use as a blindfold, quickly tying it into place.

ChaosMen: Zac Snow and Zario Travezz - Edge

Zac really enjoys having his nipples played with, and it’s even more exciting when he can’t see that it’s about to happen. Zario tweaks and pinches Zac’s nipples while occasionally reaching down to tease Zac’s package on top of, and inside, his jock.

Zario kneels before Zac, pulls his jockstrap to the side, and starts working Zac’s dick with his mouth and hands. Zac twitches and shakes with pleasure.

Zario pulls away Zac’s jockstrap and continues working Zac’s cock. Zac announces that he’s getting close to cumming, so Zario slows down and expertly teases Zac’s shaft with the lightest touch of his fingers, running them up and down his dick until Zac is ready for more.

Zac is practically begging to cum now, so Zario kneels in front of Zac once more, sucking and jerking Zac’s cock until Zac sprays a hot load all over the chair and floor. Zario tastes a sample and tweaks Zac’s nipple one more time for good measure.

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