Corbin Fisher: Kyler (Ashton Silvers) Fucks Roman

Corbin Fisher: Kyler (Ashton Silvers) Fucks Roman

New on CorbinFisher: Some chemistry has built up between Kyler and Roman to the point the guys really needed to get these two together and give them the chance to try something new – namely, Kyler going to town on Roman’s hole.

When you first see these two side by side, you expect Roman to be the one fucking Kyler. But based on how quickly Roman is on his knees whining for Kyler’s cock and how enthusiastically Kyler’s pumping Roman’s hole, it’s obvious things are going precisely how these two wanted it!

Corbin Fisher: Kyler (Ashton Silvers) Fucks Roman

They’re literally only seconds in to the action in this episode before Kyler’s pumping Roman’s hole. Even that wait was too long for Roman, though – he’s pushing his ass out, begging for Kyler to give it to him deeper and harder. As Kyler obliges, Roman’s writhing around beneath him, and fucking back in to him.

From start to finish, this episode is all about these two just having at one another and going wild with one another – the rest of us are just along for the ride!

See more of Kyler and Roman – and their video – at CorbinFisher.

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