Helix Studio Confirms Firing Dustin Gold!

Helix Studio Confirms Firing Dustin Gold!

The studio also said that they will not work with the porn star in the future.

New York. An enraged Dustin Gold was caught on tape getting out of his car and started hurling a racist remark at a sanitation worker. He then assaulted the pedestrian taking the video. In a tweet posted by City Council Member Anthony Beckford, Gold seemed to not care despite being recorded.

Racist on the Upper East Side. Find out who this racist person is and let us hold them accountable. This and any other act of racism will NOT be tolerated.

As City Council Member of #District45, I will be holding these racists accountable.https://t.co/41nCXEP0Fq pic.twitter.com/ariaOSFGF4

— Anthony Beckford (City Council Candidate)🌹 (@Vote4Beckford) July 19, 2020

He was then identified as Joe O’Brien (Dustin Gold‘s real name). A Twitter user brought this issue up in one of Helix Studios‘s posts and called for Dustin Gold to be sacked from the studio. That’s when Helix Studios confirmed that the porn star is no longer working for them.

Dustin Gold has been fired. He hasn’t worked for us since 2014 and we will not use him in the future.

— Helix Studios® (@HelixStudios) July 21, 2020

Meanwhile, people have also been calling for the porn star’s scenes to be removed from Helix Studios‘s library.

All of Joe’s films need to be removed.

— Anthony Beckford (City Council Candidate)🌹 (@Vote4Beckford) July 22, 2020

Will you be removing his videos from all of your platforms or will you continue to profit off of his past work?

— TheOUTFront (@TheOUTFront) July 21, 2020

I mean i totally support removal of all his videos, but ive seen the contracts, if they want royalties they can negotiate that into it but they signed off on how their videos are used.

— Damion Skerry (@DamionSkerry) July 22, 2020

The assault was done amidst the heat of the Black Lives Matter movement.

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