Sporno: Wrestler Michael Battista

Sporno: Wrestler Michael Mike Battista

A wrestler in a singlet, a buff, ripped, hairy, hot AF wrestler in a singlet is fertile ground for many fantasies. Images of amazing bodies, grappling, groping, grunting and groaning are part of our DNA aren’t they? In this edition of Sporno we focus in and feature the amazing Michael Battista. After the jump in the ring and explore.

Sporno: Wrestler Michael Mike Battista

We honestly can’t stay focused on a wholesome look at this college wrestler, his smile makes us a little woozy, and his hairy pecs make us full of a certain kind of feels. That beard, the pits … oh the pits. That smile when he flexes, he exudes confidence.

And then there is that iconic gif in the blue singlet, that TIGHT AF lycra singlet as he struts, it cups his package and we can only imagine the view from the back … and that shirtless sitting wrestler, biting his lower lip as Michael sahays, there really is no other word for it, by … He’s all of us.

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