Justyn’s First Fuck Justyn's First Fuck

At, Justyn is such a horny and fit newbie I’m very eager to test him out. He’s got a strong masculine scent all over his body because he just came from the gym this morning. And look at those great big saucer nipples!

Justyn is like a greedy boy who can’t wait to jump into action, but I strip him down slowly pulling the fabric of his pants between his arse cheeks before getting a good clear look at his pink arsehole. His foreskin is so tight that when it’s slid back his cockhead is shiny and new. Justyn's First Fuck

He goes hard in my mouth and then I turn him around to slide my tongue up his tasty bumhole. We discover while filming that this randy cocksucker has quite a sensitive gag reflex, but he has a talent for using his tongue to stimulate my glans and shaft. It gears me up for screwing his arse but first I widen his sphincter with a butt plug.

Justyn moans like a good hungry slut while I steadily fuck him. Once I hit his g-spot he gets a hard on and works up a rhythm while grinding down on my lap. When we flip Justyn proves he’s a skilful top as well and he really gets off on being verbal while screwing. We cum in each other’s mouths and he leaves with a tummy full of spunk!

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