Watch Sean Cody’s Brysen Get a Sexy Haircut and Party in This Short Vlog!

Watch Sean Cody's Brysen Get a Sexy Haircut and Party in This Short Vlog!

It’s pretty seldom for us to see models do normal things because most of the stuff we remember them for is when they take their pants off and get their dicks hard. In this case, you may want to look at Brysen from Sean Cody in a different light. He is so cute.

Thanks to YouTube vlogger Nolan Tyler, we got to see Brysen in a different set up. “I hate getting gas like it isn’t fun” is a montage of tasks Nolan Tyler is supposed to do on that particular day. And that includes picking up the adorable Brysen. See him giving us the cutest smile on camera here:

It’s also time for him to get a nice haircut. Too bad it was cut short (We’re referring to the clip.)

So slick and sexy. Way to go Brysen. Such a handsome boy!

See him also get ready for a night of partying just like how we do it too. His hair looks sexy pushed back, but he did not choose to.

Looks like he is very much enjoying Nolan’s company. Brysen should definitely join him in his future vlogs and we would want to see more of him.

Here’s the complete video:

Do you think Brysen is fun to be with? What would you do if you get to spend a whole day with him? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below!

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